Future Warriors Project engages directly with Maasai communities who have invited us to work on projects that meet their needs. Their needs are frequently linked directly to pressures of change and modernisation confronting the Maasai people.

As a traditional and respected Maasai, our founder Sianga Kuyan [hyperlink Sianga] has a unique understanding of the Maasai people, their values and culture. This means we can work directly with communities, in a way that respects and understands the way they work and approach life, to achieve project goals.  Our relationships are defined by:

  • ‘enkanyet’, the Maasai word for respect
  • Community involvement and ownership and
  • ensuring our projects are of value in the longer term to the local people.

We put the needs of the community at the front and centre of our projects, and our funding is directed towards this rather than overheads and administrative costs, which are kept to a minimum.

We are currently working with Maasai communities in Northern and Eastern Tanzania.

Current projects

Kitenden Village Preschool Kitenden Village Preschool
Namelok Community School Namelok Community School
Supporting Urban Migrants Supporting Urban Migrants
Research Partnership - Maasai Health Research Partnership - Maasai Health
  Business Opportunities for Maasai (BOMAA) project