For the past four months, Future Warriors Project Inc and the Albury Hume Rotary Club have been working in partnership to construct a new building for Kitenden preschool. The new building will include a space for the preparation of children’s meals, and rooms for long-and short staying international volunteers who help out at the preschool. This is undoubtedly one of our most exciting projects as we look forward welcoming volunteers by the completion of the project end of May.

Construction progress

I had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania in November last year to commence construction. I received a wonderful welcome from the community, who really see the value of the new building.

In the first week, I organised to meet with the local village leader and our local preschool committee where we agreed on a commencement date and how we could access community support to help with the building. Because of the remoteness of Kitenden, we also discussed how we could get building materials to the village. We decided that it was best that we buy materials in Arusha and transport it.

The community agreed to ask some young people to collect stones for the building in return for providing them with a good meal. We thought we’d need 20 people, but on the first day more than 100 people turned up! It was exciting, and somehow the food stretched far enough!  The community collected enough stones for the whole building - I could tell by their great energy, effort, and enthusiasm that they were very excited about the project. 

Kitenden Comunity collecting stone for the new building.

Community collecting stones

After all the stones were collected and measurements were done, the builder started the foundation and l left for Arusha.  A week later the builders had made very impressive progress.

Our teacher and Jenipher and sianga

Sianga with our project manager Jenipher

New building

In early December I sadly had to leave and handed over the project to our Tanzanian project coordinators Jenipher and Komolo. They continued on building the walls, and then we had a break over Christmas time and January.  In February, the builders started the roof, purchasing roofing wood and corrugated iron and other materials and transporting it. Apparently it was not easy to find materials, congratulations to Jenipher on a great job! The roof is now finished and it is time to keep progressing. Our next stage of this project will be installation of windows and doors, plastering, paint, and installing ceiling boards

new building

On behalf of Kitenden and FWP’s team I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Albury Hume Rotary Club, their individual sponsors and Rotary International. And also to everyone else who support us whether by volunteering or by donation or by following us online, we greatly appreciate your support.  And without your participation, we could never have made this far. Thank you again for taking the time to make a difference to the Maasai people and stay in tune for our next update!

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