Sianga Kuyan - Founder

ourteam-siangaSianga is a former leader from a small, remote village called Kiserian in Longido District, Northern Tanzania. Sianga understands first-hand many of the challenges confronting his village and Maasai people.

Through his own initiative, Sianga went from being a pastoralist, to homeless night watchman, then a tour guide, and now the founder of a charity that supports Maasai people and communities.

Sianga is passionate about supporting other Maasai who face homelessness, malnutrition and poverty so they can build a sustainable future.

Sianga lives between Australia and Tanzania. He is the President, FWP Tanzania, and volunteer CEO, FWP Australia. 

In Tanzania

Our Board in Tanzania are all young Maasai dedicated to making a difference:

President: Mr Sianga Kuyan (FWP founder)
Treasurer: Mr Jenipher Richard, Treasurer and volunteer project manager
Secretary: Mr Dominick Derlicki, Tourism project manager and advisor

Board members:

Mr Clamian Kitasho, Project Advisor
Mr Melau Kuyan, Representative Night Watchmen


In Australia

In Australia, our management committee is made up of dedicated professionals with wide-ranging experience in community development, management, finance, law and marketing.

Volunteer CEO: Mr Sianga Kuyan
President: Mr Andrew Caesar
Vice President: Ms Melanie Nicholls Kuyan
Treasurer: Ms Ann-Maree Spackman
Secretary: Ms Natasha Solanki

Management Committee members:

Ms Ilana Rosalky
Ms Jennie Day
Ms Jaime Kruusmaa
Mr Gary Baxter