Future Warriors Project is a registered charity in Australia and Tanzania, set up by Maasai for Maasai.

We actively promote grassroots initiatives to support Maasai people and communities in Tanzania, such as:

  • Improving educational opportunities for children and adults
  • Helping adults develop new livelihoods
  • Strengthening the voice of Maasai by supporting networks and emerging leaders
  • Educating the community on HIV, health and nutrition

Building from direct connections with Maasai people and communities, we have developed thoughtfully-designed, culturally appropriate projects that provide long term solutions for the unique challenges confronting Maasai people.


Our vision and values

Our vision is that the Maasai people are empowered to build a sustainable future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Our mission is to deliver grassroots community development initiatives that support Maasai people and communities to face the challenges of the modern world. These challenges include:

  • loss of land and livelihoods
  • food shortages
  • poor access to education,
  • exposure to disease; and
  • loss of cultural knowledge, protocol and values.


Our approach is inclusive, community-centred and asset-based – acknowledging, respecting and incorporating the cultural values of Maasai people.

Giving to the community is a strong value in Maasai culture, and we have been fortunate to capture the passion of young Maasai who are willing to give their time and expertise for the love of their people.

In Australia, we are run completely by a group of dedicated and committed volunteers. Using volunteers as advisors and in administrative roles means we can dedicate nearly all of our funding to our projects. We always pay people who are essential to our projects, like preschool teachers, fundis (local builders), and other key workers.